Angel On The Atlantic
Title: About Angels On The Atlantic

Our Goals

  • Finalize approvals for the green, handicapped-accessible beach pavilion renovation project. Actively seek major donor(s) to fund the pavilion with exclusive opportunity to create a visible legacy and impact on the community.
  • Continue to build our media contacts for continued awareness of our organization's impact and community outreach activities.
  • Establish an alliance with the City of Philadelphia and the City of Camden and engage at the State level in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey so that we can work together to integrate Angels On The Atlantic into existing State Programs and as a means to achieve strategic goals.
  • Secure a grant writer to pursue funding opportunities at the city, state and federal levels in order to grow our programs.
  • Seek funding through a variety of avenues including government grants, private foundations, individuals, United Way, local businesses and corporate sponsorships to further the development of Angels on the Atlantic and to deliver the full potential value of our programs and projects Compile stories, youth testimonials, artwork, and metrics in order to produce powerful messages of success, impact, and materials to use in fundraising events

Angels On The Atlantic provides a dynamic educational and recreational experience for inner city and disadvantaged youth. We welcome established groups to enjoy a day at our beachfront facility filled with fun, life-enriching learning experiences.