Angel On The Atlantic
Title: About Angels On The Atlantic

Why We Do It

The urban concerns plaguing inner city children today: Crime, Desperation, Violence, Drugs, Poverty, Neglect, Hatred, Disrespect, and Sadness. It is pretty easy to understand why a child's life in and around the city can seem pretty overwhelming and at times hopeless. If you stop and think about it for a minute, inner-city youth rarely get to see the horizon. The density and height of the surrounding buildings does not afford an open view of where the sky and earth actually meet. Perhaps, if only philosophically, a relationship exists between this phenomenon of not being able to see the horizon including what lies beyond, and the hopelessness and lack of opportunity that can overwhelm urban youth.

These children live within an hour drive from the ocean and seldom, if ever, get the opportunity to experience it. Recent cuts in state funding and drastically reduced budgets have left most inner-city summer programs with the bare minimum to operate. This has forced many summer recreation programs to focus on the resources at hand: arts and crafts at the center, sports facilities on site, local singing and dance performances, talent contests, etc. These are all good activities; however, they do not afford the opportunity for children to experience the world outside of the city.

Throughout history, explorers have set out upon the ocean to face the challenges and unknown reality of what lies beyond the horizon. In modern times, the beach has become a tremendous source of tranquility, peace, and inspiration. We hope that by showing these youth that they are an important part of a larger picture, they will strive to overcome adversity, look forward to new opportunities, respect life and pursue further learning to achieve greater personal goals.
Angels On The Atlantic provides a dynamic educational and recreational experience for inner city and disadvantaged youth. We welcome established groups to enjoy a day at our beachfront facility filled with fun, life-enriching learning experiences.