Angel On The Atlantic
Title: About Angels On The Atlantic

About Angels On The Atlantic

The Founders Vince and Jeanie Hubach were brought up in suburban Philadelphia in families who instilled values of respect, responsibility, celebrating, caring, patience, and self-confidence. Through those experiences, they were taught to help the less fortunate, encourage others along the way to success, and came to realize the importance of properly motivating today's youth for tomorrow's future. Angels On The AtlanticSM began as a way to inspire and motivate inner city and underserved children by exposing them to an environment they rarely, if ever, experience: the ocean.

In 2004 Vince and Jeanie Hubach purchased two beachfront lots located in Ocean City, NJ. One of those lots contained a small restaurant. They saw the property as an opportunity to make a difference in children's lives. The original name for the program was "City to the Sea". Ironically the name of the restaurant when they purchased the property was named "Angels on the Atlantic". Vince and Jeanie thought it was a perfect name for their program.

In the summer of 2006 the Hubach's launched Angels On The Atlantic, Inc. Since then, through the generous support of individuals, the city, and organizations who believe in the value of our mission, and the invaluable guidance and support of our Board of Directors, Angels has sponsored over 4800 inner-city and underserved youth from Philadelphia and New Jersey at the Ocean City, NJ location.

The Hubach's have always felt that giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate is very important. "It's not really who you are in this world, it's what you do that matters. If you have the ability to give back it sort of becomes your responsibility to do so" is the motto that the Hubach's model their lives after.
Angels On The Atlantic provides a dynamic educational and recreational experience for inner city and disadvantaged youth. We welcome established groups to enjoy a day at our beachfront facility filled with fun, life-enriching learning experiences.