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The gift of your time is most precious. The children benefit from caring adults, qualified to work with our organization. Clearances will be necessary. Please complete the online volunteer form and our office will contact you shortly.

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Volunteer Release

I am volunteering to participate in the Angels On The Atlantic "Day at the Beach". I understand that I will be volunteering to entertain, bring smiles to, and most importantly have fun with the children participating in Angels On The Atlantic 2008 Summer Program!

By my signature below, I attest to all of the following:

1. I have not been convicted of any crime at any time relating to child molestation, pornography, or other crimes that may hinder my ability to properly volunteer my services in this capacity.

2. I will completely indemnify Angels On The Atlantic for any injury I may incur due to an accident or problematic incident during my participation in the event.

3. I volunteer for this responsibility upon my own free will.

4. I understand that I am responsible for the safety and care of the child/children assigned to me and I will watch out for them with the best care I can provide.

I agree to a background check before volunteering for Angels On The Atlantic


If you are NOT volunteering online and wish to fax this to us, please dowload the release form (pdf format) and then NEATLY & CLEARLY sign and fax to Jeanie Wechsler at 610-571-2225

Any Questions call Jeanie at 610-571-2221 x2


Angels On The Atlantic provides a dynamic educational and recreational experience for inner city and disadvantaged youth. We welcome established groups to enjoy a day at our beachfront facility filled with fun, life-enriching learning experiences.