Angel On The Atlantic
Title: Programs at Angels On The Atlantic

Programs and Amenities

Youth are encouraged to enjoy the ocean, sand, and fresh sea air especially since some are experiencing the beach for the first time. Balls, beach toys, tee-shirts, shade tents, and activities (e.g. scavenger hunts, building sand castles) are available to youth during their visit to Angels. Lunch is provided at our oceanfront pavilion free of charge.

Currently we offer 4 specialized programs based on volunteers' availability:

  • Science By The Sea offering hands-on exploration of sea & dune life and other Science, Technology, Engineering and Math related activities.
  • Arts & Entertainment by the Sea offering opportunity for various artistic & musical expressions.
  • Health & Nutrition By the Sea offering a fun, hands-on approach to better understanding food choices, nutritional content, and the impact on how you feel.
  • Sports and Fitness By the Sea offering opportunity to interact with local sports celebrities and trainers to learn simple tips for staying active and fit as an important part of daily routine.
We are currently exploring a parallel program that will allow older youth to directly experience sailing the sea, life on the sea, and pursuing careers on the sea. This program involves acquiring the appropriate vessel to allow day trips, short period educational voyages, and extended research/exploration missions. If your group has youth interested in such an opportunity, please send an email to with "Sailing Vessel" in the subject line and your thoughts on what outcomes you'd like from such a program.

This is just a glimpse of the exciting plans and programs Angels has for making a positive difference in the lives of thousands of inner-city & underserved children. We are seeking corporations and successful entrepreneurs based in the communities our program impacts, for sponsorship opportunities. There are several exciting opportunities, including our "Green, Handicapped-accessible Beach Pavilion Renovation Project", for Benefactor/Founding Partner level support as well as a Premier Legacy opportunity. We would welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss your desire to become involved with our program and/or Pavilion Renovation project.
Angels On The Atlantic provides a dynamic educational and recreational experience for inner city and disadvantaged youth. We welcome established groups to enjoy a day at our beachfront facility filled with fun, life-enriching learning experiences.